Made in the USA

Patent Pending ASME Certified Extraction Equipment

We only distribute extraction systems built with ASME certified off the shelf components and custom components manufactured in ISO certified, IPC registered manufacturing facilities. Declarations of conformity can be provided as needed.   

Capacity: 1oz

Avg Essential Oil Yield: 9%

Flow Rate: Up to 2L/min (depending on material)

Power Supply: 120V, 800W, 7amp

Foot Print: 33.2” H, 12.4” W, 19.3” D

Optimal Environment: Self regulating for any environment. 

EXTRACT - safely extract a clean oil devoid of most unwanted waxes and chlorophyll.

INFUSE - safely and cleanly combine ingredients such as tinctures, essential oils, beverages, lotions.

FILTER -  color remediation, terpene recovery, dewaxing, crystal isolation.