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Introducing The Extraction Essentials Podcast

Welcome to Extraction Essentials! Brand new episodes are released every Monday, running between 15-30 minutes. Hosting the podcast is Tony Frischknecht, CSO and CO-Founder of Essential Extraction Inc., the maker of the Little Buddy CO2 Extractor. Get ready to learn more about the creation and proper use of essential oils to achieve better wellbeing and a relaxing feeling like no other.


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Introducing The Extraction Essentials Podcast

Welcome to the show. Our weekly show, Extraction Essentials, is here to bring you education and industry insight on essential oils and how they can be created for every part of our lives, such as boosting mood, alleviating pain, promoting healthy sleep, healthy digestion, improving skin condition, and so much more. It’s no wonder people are turning to essential oils to support their health and wellbeing. I am your host, Tony Frischknecht, CSO and Cofounder of Extraction Essentials Inc., the hardware company that has created the Little Buddy, C02 Extractor, and Chromatography.

The more you expect from yourself and your equipment, the more you will grow.

We save you time and money by eliminating bad hardware before you commit your resources. This show releases every Monday. I will be sharing new business ideas, different uses for the equipment, and interviews with people just like you creating their formulations. Every now and then, I will be releasing bonus episodes as the industry continues to grow and develop. I can’t wait for you to join me here on the show, Extraction Essentials. Remember to tell all your friends that the show is available to listen to for free in any app that falls podcast. As you go and dive into the episodes, never forget, the more you expect from yourself and your equipment, the more you will grow. Come and join us.

Extraction Essentials: Essential oils help boost mood, alleviate pain, achieve healthy digestion, and improve skin condition.

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