Small Affordable Extraction Equipment

Essential Extraction Corp is backed by over 20 years of industry experience and provides extraction equipment for manufacturers and processors of plant based products with top quality in mind. When it comes to botanical oil extraction Essential Extraction Corp offers small sized and affordable extraction equipment intended for the high quality extraction of plant material.

If you are a processor or manufacturer of plant based products and are looking for extraction equipment, check out our reliable & easy to use ASME certified table top closed loop liquid CO2 extractor. CO2 extraction systems offer safer and cleaner oil than that of other extraction methods. Liquid CO2 preserves the integrity of the terpenes better than most hot presses and other extraction systems due to the super chilled temperatures of the liquid CO2.

The CO2 extraction process utilizes carbon dioxide to take as many desirable oils from the plant as possible. This process leaves no toxic byproducts, can remove pesticides and ensures a safer and purer oil return than other extraction practices making CO2 oils a great choice for consumers and manufacturers alike.

This table top closed loop liquid CO2 extraction setup has small batch capabilities with a processing capacity of up to one ounce, while providing an extraction yield of at least 10%. It is also self regulating, making it ideal for almost any environment or setup. The table top closed loop liquid CO2 Extractor provides a flow rate of 2L/min and is a great choice of extraction equipment for medium to small scale botanical extraction operations with its convenient size, saving the processor time, space & money. If looking for small production capability simply keif the material first in your preparation for extraction, this will provide an extraction input of up to 160grams of trichomes plus other properties and an output of approximately 13 grams of ready oil for cartridges or dabbing.

Extract botanical oils hands free, simply set the temperature control and the system runs automatically. The table top closed loop CO2 extraction machine does require a standard 120V outlet. This small & affordable CO2 extraction machine is designed to alleviate the mechanical learning curve of the larger CO2 extraction systems while providing a simple to use, safe, convenient and easy to clean closed loop tabletop CO2 extraction machine that allows for quality botanical extractions every time.

The ASME certified table top closed loop liquid CO2 extractor is a great way to perform botanical extractions to get clean oil devoid of most unwanted waxes and chlorophyll. Filter your oil for terpene recovery, dewaxing, crystal isolation and color remediation purposes. Infuse any of the oil produced safely and cleanly within tinctures, essential oils, beverages lotions and more. The possibilities are endless when working with clean CO2 derived botanical oils. Essential Extraction Corp provides extraction solutions for any of your plant based material extractions and offers their vast experience and expertise when it comes to liquid CO2 extraction methodology.

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