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The desire for individualism and “autonomy” is on the rise with Cannabis Patrons

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

There is a growing (no pun intended) desire being expressed by core cannabis folks seeking more autonomy and control over the cannabis products that they enjoy and for good reason. These “core” individuals are knowledgeable, experienced and are becoming more sophisticated in the science of the cannabis plant every day.

There are also an increasing number of people in the cannabis community that are now seeking a full range of cannabis products and equipment for themselves including mini extraction, infusers, concentration blends, etc. This is mainly due to the transformation that the cannabis industry has undergone in the past few years, and with a giant portion of states enacting cannabis legalization laws, the industry’s momentum picks up very quickly.

Along with the wave of legal states comes a new array of cannabis varieties, products, equipment, tools and processes that core members involved in the cannabis community and cannabis industry are eager to try out, use and innovate their craft with. Members of the cannabis community continually pour their innovation, knowledge and soul into the industry which in turn allows for access to healthier cannabis products, safer methods and easier processes to emerge as well as a variety of cannabis products that are continually becoming more potent, beneficial, readily available and affordable to the consumer than they have ever been before.

So at Essential Extractions Corp, our mission is simple - let’s give the customer the autonomy to be independent and configure their own individual style so that they are then represented by the innovation and individuality that goes into their cannabis products as well as their choice of how they want to have their products portrayed in the vast and ever changing world that is the cannabis market.

Accordingly, whether individuals want control over simple safe extraction, infusion, filtration, more advanced separation or even conversion with flash chromatography – We want to provide this sought after equipment on a small scale individual unit platform that is safe to operate while allowing our customers to create their own cannabis product or process of choice. Innovation is the key to progress within the fast growing cannabis industry and we fully believe that sharing is caring.

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