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The Importance of QA & QC Processes

The cannabis industry is a quickly emerging field with many unknowns and uncertainty and in cannabis business uncertainty and unknowns can be extremely dangerous. Quality assurance and quality control is propelling the industry forwards by requiring extensive product testing for the health and safety of customer consumption. These extensive testing measures have been put in place as strict state regulatory requirements that all parts of the legal cannabis industry must conform to.

The legal cannabis industry has a rapidly expanding landscape which is now filled with a wide variety of sectors including, to name a few: growers, processors, extractors, transporters, equipment, facilities, and consumers. Requirements for the testing of cannabis products means that members of the cannabis industry will now need to seek out or involve a lab testing facility to keep consistent with state regulations. Realistically any way that you look at it, whether your testing lab is a quality control testing lab within a cannabis extraction facility or a third party testing lab that provides quality control, testing to identify any traces of harmful substances within cannabis products and as well as testing the potency of cannabis plants and cannabis infused products is very important to ensure consumer safety.

If you are implementing and maintaining a QA/QC process, there are many tools at your disposal to make your process successful. For example, if you’re operating a lab facility, Laboratory Information Management Systems or LIMS is a software based solution that can be used to support everyday laboratory operations and is an important tool that can help testing labs manage tests and QC samples. LIMS also helps review the reagents and equipment calibration status that was used during testing to provide accurate & achievable test results every time. Taking small batches and pre-production, in process, and postproduction and testing them for impurities and residual solvents and materials assures a higher quality standard for all products.

Failure to perform quality control and quality assurance processes can result in bodily harm and long-term health issues. Without lab testing to show consumers what is in their product, the consumer would have no idea if there is mold, chemicals, pesticides, hairs, pests or even rot within their chosen cannabis product. Consuming cannabis products where there is presence of any of these cannabis related problems could result in serious health issues. This is the main reason behind testing labs, quality assurance and quality control processes which is to make sure that your product is 100% safe for human consumption. But would you really want it any other way?

Quality control and quality assurance is especially important when it comes to the cannabis industry and cannabis related products. Making sure that cannabis companies can substantiate label claims on their cannabis products whether they are for medical or recreational purposes allows customers to navigate their preference of cannabis product safely by making an informed decision about what they are choosing to introduce to their bodies.

At Essential Extractions we put quality control and quality assurance first when it comes to our products. We manufacture all our cartridges in a GMP certified manufacturing facility with a dedicated manufacturing line and a team of certified engineers. Our hardware is then imported to our ISO 13458 floor in Loveland, Colorado where they will be put through a secondary quality assurance process to guarantee that our product is of medical grade quality. We also ensure GMP compliance from the ground up for all our extraction equipment. We only distribute extraction systems that have been built with ASME certified, off the shelf components and custom components that have been manufactured in ISO certified, IPC registered manufacturing facilities.

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