This versatile lab grade Little Buddy Extractor uses Liquid CO2 to extract, infuse, and filter with no need for add-ons, chillers, heaters, vacuums, pumps, etc. The Little Buddy Extractors cold filtered extraction utilizes the inert chilling power of liquid CO2 to produce an extract devoid of most unwanted waxes and chlorophyll. Also, the Little Buddy Extractor can be used to infuse any alcohol, essential oil, beverage, e-juice, lotion, shampoo, any liquid of your choice with your favorite botanical product. Furthermore, the Little Buddy Extractor will filter good oil and terpenes from waxes leaving a terpene rich oil in one hand and a wax completely devoid of all color in the other hand. Additionally, dark butane extraction is cleared up in one pass. Two in-line filters allow you to choose the exact micron you need to filter out specific components. 


Technical Specs:

Input Capacity: 1oz
Flow Rate: .2L/min
Power Supply: 120V, 800W, 7amp
Foot Print: 33.2” H, 12.4” W, 19.3” D

Table Top Closed Loop CO2 Extractor and Prep-Chromatograph