All cartridges:

  • No Glue
  • No Fiber Material
  • No Heavy Metals
  • Glass Tank
  • Silicone Thread Protector
  • Dual Core Ceramic Heating Element
  • Choice of Metal or Ceramic Mouthpiece


Wholesale Orders of 1,000 or more:

  • Atomizer (100pcs per box)
  • EPE (2pcs)
  • Blister (1pc)
  • White Box (1pc)



The patent pending ceramic cup shaped atomizer consumes every last drop of oil in the cartridge. Two internal heating elements make sure all the oil entering into the heating element gets vaporized. Unlike most cartriges, NEX truely does not use any glue or wick material allowing for an unrivaled flavor. NEX is truely a superior cartridge for superior oils.